Now that your professional tattoo has been applied, please follow this aftercare advice. It is your responsibility upon leaving the premises to maintain your tattoos aftercare.

  • Your tattoo has been cleaned and left sterile on completion and leaving the shop, please leave the dressing that was applied to your tattoo in place for 2-4 hours.
  • When you are home and can safely remove the dressing, your tattoo needs to be washed immediately. Using mild soap and a clean hand, wash the tattooed area clean of any plasma, blood and excess ink (it is normal to have this fluid under your dressing).
  • Showering with a new tattoo is fine, however, bathing and soaking during the healing process is not.

Cleaning your Tattoo

  • Clean your tattoo with unperfumed soap (Dove is a good example) and just your hand, make sure you get rid of the layer of gunk (plasma and excess ink) that has formed on the top. It will sting but it is really important to remove it all or it will cause a heavy scab.
  • When the tattoo is clean you may pat it dry with a paper towel (not a towel or anything that will leave bits of tissue or fibres stuck to it). OR allow it to air dry with no clothing over it for 10 minutes. Do not allow it to come into contact with animals, pet hair, clothing or furniture that could transfer germs onto the site.
  • Once the area is dry, apply a thin layer of your tattoo aftercare/ healing cream.
  • REPEAT this process four times a day for 48 hours (evenly spaced washes)
  • On the third day, cut back to washing twice daily but still applying ointment after washing, and then applying ointment as and when it dries out.
  • You do also need to wear loose fitting clothing over your tattoo for two weeks or until it is healed. This means no tights or leggings, bras that rub on the area, heavy work boots or wellies that may rub and cause irritation etc.